Saturday, 31 January 2015

Craft - Workplace crochet

Sometimes the only way to fit in a bit of crafting is to work in a less than ideal setting. I've been bringing my crochet blanket to work and doing the odd 20 minutes here and there in lunch and tea breaks (I think crocheting at my desk might be a step too far). The blanket - inspired by Attic24's Granny Stripe - is for my eldest, to take to university in September, so I'm trying not to work on it in her presence - these snatched crochet moments mean it's now about three quarters done. I have a worrying feeling that the last quarter will prove to be the most challenging though, as I work out how to join it all together.


  1. Oh! I hope you get it finished in time for September!
    Hello, by the way. I came over here from Attic 24 where I was trawling the comments to see if there were anymore new blogs I'd like. It's difficult with someone as popular as Attic 24 to break into the blog friendships, but I like peeping in from time to time to find new friends. Will you really get excited because somebody has commented? I'll read every post, but you'll find I comment on the crochet, mostly. I don't do running, although there's a skinny me inside that thinks getting in to the flow and running (without getting a stitch as I do) would be a marvellous accomplishment.

    1. Thank you for your comment and coming to visit me - I'll try and make sure there's enough crochet among the other stuff!


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