Thursday, 2 April 2015

Craft - a race to the finish

My spotty blanket is so close to completion. Just a couple more rows of the border to do, and a handful of ends to sew in.

I'm quite confident of finishing in the next couple of days as my running is tapering right down before the big day, so what better than crochet to fill the time.


  1. Ah, but will you be crocheting as you run the race? Didn't a lady set a world record last year?
    I'm glad the blanket's nearly done; a finished blanket is such a good feeling (and so nice to snuggle under when the evening turns chilly and the heating has been turned off!)

  2. Yes - I saw that lady too! I can crochet and watch tv no problem - but crocheting and running sounds like a lethal combination (certainly for me - I can trip over a twig)


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