Sunday, 5 April 2015

Run - rights of way

One of my (many, many) favourite things about running is being able to run off-road on tracks and footpaths. Because a lot of footpaths are legal rights of way, we get to run in some amazing locations.

Today I stopped to stretch out my calves a couple of miles into my run, while standing on an ornate stone bridge overlooking this view.  The rest of the run (8 miles in total - last 'long' run before the marathon!) was just as lovely, as were the post-run hot cross buns and cups of tea with my running friends.

Happy Easter!


  1. That is a magnificent view to get on a run; I love the lake and the house. Very Inigo Jones!
    When is the marathon? Good luck!

    1. Yes - I feel very lucky that it's only about a 15 minute run away. The marathon is next Sunday - eek!

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