Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Run - another stately pile

I do like the fact that public rights of way in England allow anyone access to all sorts of exciting places.  A few days ago I got to run through the grounds of this stately home:

It was with my running group and I'm not sure we stayed strictly to the proper paths - but no-one told us off, and it does make an interesting change to be running somewhere like this. Back to the woods for today's run though - although they're my usual stomping ground it's lovely to see how they change through the seasons, and the bluebells are still looking particularly splendid.


  1. Oh wow, I'd love to run through those grounds. Best my group can manage is a few circuits of the local lake which is bang in the middle of an ex council estate!

    1. A run's a run - well done for getting out there! (But it is a very lovely place to run through)

  2. Replies
    1. It does help detract from the effort involved in running!


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