Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Craft - a blanket to-do list

It feels like the (somewhat far-off) end is in sight for the enormous stripey blanket.  I took some time yesterday to work out what's left to do - I think there's a bit too much to finish by deadline A (3 weeks away) but it might be feasible to have it done by deadline B (around the end of June).  If not, deadline C (September) should be no problem. Hopefully.

The photo shows everything done to date: 1 nearly-finished enormous stripey middle with a single border attached, approx 20 additional completed border squares, approx 22 border squares in various stages of progress. 

To do:
Crochet 3.5 granny-cluster rows of shrimp + 2 granny-cluster rows of meadow
Complete 22 daisy squares
Finish off ends of 32 daisy squares
Finish off stripey row ends of about half the blanket
Attach remainder of daisy border squares to main blanket
Decide on final border - number of rows, colours, stitches
Crochet border

Sounds straightforward, doesn't it?  

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  1. It will soon be done! And June is a long way away if you need to go for deadline b!


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