Sunday, 8 March 2015

Run - half marathon

I ran a half marathon today as part of my training plan. The race was well organised, the route was lovely and the weather was perfect - slightly sunny but not too hot. I was very pleased with how I ran the first 11 miles - unfortunately my calf started tightening in mile 12 and was very sore by the end, which slowed me down a bit. I'm not sure if I ran too hard earlier on, or if it would have happened regardless as it's been playing up a lot this week. Luckily I have a massage sorted for later in the week which I hope will help - I'm just a bit concerned that I may need to miss some training to help it recover.

I guess I should be reasonably happy as it's my fastest half for several years, and the pace felt very comfortable for most of it, but I think I'll feel better about it once my calf's sorted out.

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