Monday, 2 March 2015

Craft - a quiet spot

Normally I can't keep my sewing machine out all the time as there's no designated room in the house for craft (with the result that crafting stuff occupies almost every room).  I'm feeling very pleased with myself as I've just commandeered a table as a temporary craft area. (I have future plans involving a whole room, but that will involve an immense amount of decluttering,cleaning and organising so that's on hold for a little while).

So my faithful sewing machine was set up this morning, my cushion cover is ready and waiting to have a back added.  But I'm tired after a day of training and an evening meeting and need to head off for an early night right now, as I think I'd just sew myself together if I tried any crafting this evening.  The good news is I'm off work tomorrow - fingers crossed something creative can be slipped in among the chores.

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