Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Read - The improbable story of Orion Goss (#3/52)

I've just finished reading a print book - a real rarity as I read most frequently on my kindle nowadays - The improbably story of Orion Goss by Vicky Woodcraft. I can admit that I would never have read this book if it hadn't been chosen by one of my book groups. But all in all, I'm glad to have persevered with it. It was a gentle, enjoyable read; I'm not sure how realistic a depiction it is of early 20th century Cornish life but it's not badly written and the story moves along at a reasonable pace.  I've definitely read (several) far more badly written books for book club, by far more established authors.

The thing I liked most from a personal viewpoint is that it's set in Falmouth - a place I've visited several times over the last year or so, so I enjoyed trying to place bits of the action.  In fact, my very first post  featured a glimpse of Falmouth from the coastal path - and I must have gone past several places mentioned in the book on that very run.  If the book hasn't made its way to a charity shop by the next time I visit Falmouth, I'll try and take it along for some location spotting.

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