Friday, 6 March 2015

Craft - finished project #2

The front of this cushion cover was the very first thing I made after learning to crochet a year ago.  I felt too nervous to tackle a big project so I found a pattern on the internet, bought a few balls of wool from The Creative Sanctuary, where I learnt to crochet.  That turned out to be the straightforward bit - once finished it then took forever to find a suitable jumper for the backing panel and for me to finally get round to putting it all together.  I've finally finished it - turns out the front panel is actually quite wonky, I'm hoping that's a product of my novice crochet skills, and I've improved a bit over the past year. But I still love the colours and pattern, and it will sit proudly on my sofa.

Pattern: Wave pattern (from Lanas de Ana blog)
Cushion construction: Attic24
Yarn: Bergere de France Magic+ (this link goes to The Creative Sanctuary, but I don't think they stock the colours I used any more) in Criquet, Seneve and Estuaire  
Hook: 5mm 

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