Saturday, 14 March 2015

Craft - stone crochet

I went to a lovely Crafternoon for Comic Relief today - adults and children crafting (in some cases in the loosest sense, as it appeared to include Minecraft), playing and eating (LOTS of) cake . I took along one of my crochet blankets to work on, plus a bag full of other bits to make pom poms and some cotton thread for my friend who wanted to learn how to crochet, and more specifically, cover a stone.

She's never crocheted before so I did a prototype (which needs its ends sewing in - as can be seen above) and showed her step by step how to do it.  I used slightly too thick cotton with a too small hook for mine, and made the whole thing a bit too big,  - I think it would have worked a lot better with finer thread and a bigger hook to get the spacing right but it's getting there. I can see it being something I'll attempt again, and I just love the Purl Bee website generally - it's full of inspiring and extremely cool projects.

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