Friday, 6 February 2015

Cook - Friday treats

I love Fridays. I didn't used to - I used to have a Friday evening committment that filled the preceeding day with anxiety as I worried whether everything had been organised properly, had I forgotten anything, was all the paerwork correct? And then, when I got back home afterwards, I was anxious again about all the things that needed following up before the next Friday.

But I gave it up just over a year ago and I still get a delicious feeling of freedom on the way home from work every Friday afternoon, as the weekend truly starts for me. Often we have things to do after school or places to be, but today we came straight home and I started some easy baking with Alt-J playing gently in the background as the boys depressurised from busy school days. Half an hour later and a plate of flapjacks was ready as a pre-tea snack.

My flapjacks are loosely based on Delia Smith's Whole Oat Crunchies (although this is slightly different from the recipe in my battered cookery book) but I usually wing it by throwing 4oz butter (this is the only recipe I measure in ounces), 4oz sugar (any sort - usually a mixture - these contain dark muscovado hence the toffe-colour) and a splodge of golden syrup in a pan, letting it heat up till bubbling and then adding enough rolled and jumbo oats to make it a stiffish mixture.  Plonk in a lined tin, bake for 15-20 mins around 175 degrees and you're done.  Actually, on reading Delia's recipe again, I think mine have evolved into something completely different.

I've even managed to take a photo in (grey-ish) daylight today!

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