Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Run - another walk

I'm not sure whether I'm misrepresenting my activities by keeping the 'run' titles but it feels like walking is definitely a running substitute at the moment. Last day of our walking and crafting short break today - over 5 days 24 miles have been walked, several batches of flapjack baked, 9 circles crocheted and somewhere in the region of 50 pom poms made - some are now garlands and owls, many are still awaiting a purpose. A lovely break, and the loveliest part of all was seeing how much my children and my friend's children enjoyed both the walking and the crafting (and the eating!).

Today's walk was the shortest of all, 4 1/4 miles of easy terrain with a perfectly placed cafe stop for ice cream and duck food. These lovely buildings with their shiny woodwork were also en route - I love this shade of red.

Normal activities should resume in the next few days so I promise some more accurate blog titles will be on the way. 

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