Monday, 2 February 2015

Run - Monday morning running

Monday morning is running group morning.

I'm very lucky that I don't work Mondays, so I can join a group of fantastic women who run for an hour or so off-road in amazing countryside. More often than not we get muddy, quite often we get slightly lost.

This morning we set off across sparkling frosty fields under a gloriously blue sky - my favourite type of running weather. After an hour or so I carried on by myself to make it a slightly longer run (because I'm training for an event at the moment). Crossing a ridge I discovered a string of untouched icy puddles - after indulging my (sometimes not so) inner child by jumping in some and cracking the ice, I came across this amazing whirly iciness - too beautiful to jump in so I took some photos and carried on, ending up doing 9 miles in total.

I love starting the week like this.

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