Thursday, 26 February 2015

Run - 8 miles early(ish) doors

I've been wanting to do a longer mid-week run and managed to fit in 8 miles this morning before work (usually mid-week runs are no more than 6 miles - often quite a lot less).  Admittedly, I'd arranged to start work late today so it's not really very impressive - but pleasing nonetheless. And today's run was one of those rare runs where it all feels good for the whole run.  I walked a very small part (up a muddy hill) but on the whole kept up a reasonable pace and really pushed it for the last mile.  I'm entering the hardest part of my marathon schedule - lots of big runs and not much downtime - so it's nice to get the odd good run in as I know they won't all feel like that. The other big plus for me was that it was a solo run which I normally hate.

I chose a lovely muddy route and because I wanted to keep up a reasonable pace I didn't stop to take any pictures - so here's a pair of very muddy trainers afterwards.

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