Monday, 23 February 2015

Craft - 9 down ...

.. 2 to go.  This is the stack of flowers I've made so far:

I managed to finish another 3 while watching the last episode of Broadchurch this evening (which I've really enjoyed - I know it's been different from the first series, but I still think it's been full of great drama).

I'm pleased with the colours of the flowers so far - bright and cheery, which is just what I'd hoped. There'll be 11 in total, and I'm going to join them to make a garland / bunting - I haven't yet decided how though.  The yarn is Rico Creative Cotton, using a 4.5mm hook and this lovely pattern - I'll list all the colours when it's finished. Fingers crossed that will be by the end of the week - it will be great to have completed a project!

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