Friday, 27 February 2015

Read - We are all completely beside ourselves (#2/52)

I finished another book this morning in the 10 minutes I had between waking up and my alarm going off - sneaky reads are the best.  This time it was a 2nd reading of We are all completely beside ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler - I read it last year for fun, but now it's been selected for book club so I needed to refresh my memory of it.

I really liked this book first time round and still enjoyed it on a second read.  The writing is very engaging, there's a 'surprise' which doesn't spoil a re-reading and it provokes lots of questions - I think it's going to be fun to discuss at book club next week.

The next book I'm reading is one I failed to finish (or even start!) in time for book club last month - I've promised myself I WILL read all my book club books this year, even if not in exactly the right order (and even if I would never have chosen them myself ...)

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