Friday, 20 February 2015

Read - The Mitford Girls (#1/52)

I'm usually quite a voracious reader but this year I've managed to read the grand total of half a book so far.  I've flicked through others , I've amassed a pile to read, but I've only actually sat down and solidly read half a book so far.

The book I'm wading through is The Mitford Girls by Mary S. Lovell - it's for one of my book clubs but the meeting was a while ago and I couldn't make it, so the urgency to finish it passed. I think the reason I'm taking so long to read it, is that the Mitford family and other characters in the book seem so very far removed from my own background and experiences.  I don't dislike them (well, not all of them) - but I'm finding it hard to comprehend how the family apparently had such involvement in key events of the 20th century. What the book has done is spur me to read The Pursuit of Love - so I shall add that to the steadily increasing books-to-read list.

Edit (21-02-15): Turns out that my Kindle's idea of 52% and my idea don't quite match - as this book included a large number of  footnotes, all at the end, the main text only made up about 65% of the overall book. A couple more hours reading last night and this morning and job done! Only another 51 to go in 2015 ... ?

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