Saturday, 7 February 2015

Run - a short loop

I didn't manage to drag myself out for a run till 4.30 today. The light was beginning to fade and I needed to be back within 50 minutes as we were going out, so I decided on a short loop - through the woods and along footpaths then back along the railway line. I'm not sure what the best sort of photo is to illustrate a running blog post - this time I decided to see what the view was like at the 2 mile point (halfway). Although cloudy and grey, the green is beginning to dominate - spring must be coming!

I'm very lucky to live close to the town centre yet less than 10 (running) minutes away from open countryside, and I appreciate this every time I go for a run. I love the way running regularly in the countryside lets me really notice the changing seasons and patterns of nature.

It might be another running post tomorrow as I'm due to do my weekly long run. It will be quite different surroundings for a lot of it - maybe I'll photograph the halfway point again. Fingers crossed for sunshine!

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