Sunday, 22 February 2015

Run - jelly babies

When you start running - especially longer distances - a whole new food group opens up to you.  Foods which under most other circumstances you'd steer well clear of - gloopy gels, odd tasting drinks promising magically swift recovery, jelly sweets, energy bars and blocks - all designed to deliver the maximum amount of energy in minimum time.  But believe me - at 14.5 miles into an 18 mile run, jelly babies are EXACTLY what you need.

Today's run was a brilliantly organised 17 mile training run (+ 1 extra mile to make it up to 18 as that's what the plan says!) by Gade Valley Harriers which a couple of friends and I went along to. Simple registration procedure, excellent pre-event toilets, a well planned and marshalled route through country lanes (including water and jelly baby stops) and tea and cake at the end - all for a fiver! We really enjoyed it - I'm now disappointed I can't go back for their 20 miler in a few weeks as I already have something on that weekend. Which makes me realise quite how bonkers marathon training makes you - disappointed to be missing a 20 mile run?!

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