Sunday, 1 February 2015

Read - bought, borrowed, found

I love to read and to this end I'm in two bookclubs.  They operate quite differently. One is super-organised - we meet on the same day every month and we compile a booklist every January for the coming 12 months. We also have a very complicated scoring system for each book and rank the books at the end of the year. The other is more fluid - meetings take place evey 4-6 weeks on different days of the week and books are chosen at the preceeding meeting. Both bookclubs are great and have made me read far outside my comfort zone (which would be only crime fiction). Sometimes it feels like a chore having to read a book to a schedule and sometimes (quite often) I fail to read the book in time or even at all.  But more often than not it does get read.  And sometimes books get read well in advance for the super-organised book club, if I can't wait till the right month.

The Miniaturist is one of these - so many people have recommended it and I was very excited that it got accepted onto this year's booklist. I found it reduced today whilst waiting for a train at Kings Cross so it's now in my pile of new books and will be started very soon.

Two of the other books in the photo are also new acquisitions this week - they belong to other members of my family but I'll be sneaking them away to read as they look great. The poetry book, however, I found on my bookshelf this morning. I was given it years ago by a friend and never read it, so I'm going to add to my 'to read' pile as I NEVER read poetry.  Four books on the go - and none of them for the next book club meeting.  Oh dear!

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